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DBGTPO Group Show – Harold Golen Gallery, Miami

I’m showing some new figure paintings at the relocated Harold Golen Gallery in Miami. I’ll be exhibiting with Attaboy, Annie Owens and Mark Mothersbaugh. This show is on display from March 8th – April 5th. 314 NW 24th Street, Miami (Wynwood Art District). For more information call: 305.989.3359 – Mr. Atomos

Is the Alt-Weekly Market for Comics and Illustration Drying Up?

Robert Ullman

Source The Comics Reporter: “If you stop and think about it, it’s hard to think of anyone who’s broken out of that once-vital corner of the comics world in a dozen years,” writes the Comics Reporter. Reacting to the news that Washington City Paper will stop using freelancer Robert Ullman to illustrate the Savage Love column, the Reporter wonders if the alt-weekly market for illustrators, cartoonists, and comic artists has “begun its final decline” as papers have to focus more on bottom-line pressures. “I think that’s the way it’s trending, definitely, but I’m not ready to pull a sheet over the corpse quite yet,” Ullman says. “I don’t know, I would think that with all the conglomeration that’s going on with alt-weeklies these days, that there’d be more money for things like illustration, not less.”

I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets

The Incredibly Crappy World of Fletcher Hanks


Any self-respecting artist owes it to themselves to discover the zany world of this long-forgotten artist, now resurrected in collected book form by the fine fiends at Fantagraphics.

There’s a page here with various news bits and informative factoids about the artist, who, just to make things all the more perfectly, hilariously rancid, was also apparently a huge prick, hated and resented by all who knew him including his family. If he had worn an eye patch and had a loaded revolver and a flask tucked into his high-waisted pants, I think we’d have the ultimate old-timey cartoonist – even his name is too perfect.

More info here.

“You shall become a part of your wild moon.”

Propaganda Posters


Re-purposed for these crazy modern times. I hate the word “re-purpose” – why did I use it?

Many more at Project for the Old American Century.

Title Sequence of the Week

Anatomy of a Murder – Saul Bass

Saul Bass and Duke Ellington – how can you go wrong? It’s amazing how wonderfully analogue and handmade this looks next to the slickness of today’s, well, everything. The oft-imitated and instantly recognizable Bass owned the 50’s and 60’s and he was the perfect guy to go with jazz and angular music, and of course with Bernard Herrmann, another frequent Hitchcock collaborator. I could post nothing but Bass on here, but instead you can see a couple more beauties here and here.

The film is fantastic as well, with a later career Jimmy Stewart going up against some new breed actors like George C. Scott and Ben Gazzara and showing ‘em how it’s done, but probably worth checking out just to hear Jimmy grapple with the word “panties.”